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The Start Guest House at Henderson Castle


Frank Henderson, who made his fortune in the regalia manufacturing business, had a dream; he wanted to create a stylish suburb to the south of the Mountain Home Cemetery. Here the well to do of Kalamazoo could build their resort homes in the shadow of the city. Using professional help, he platted the land in the late 1880's. In 1890 Henderson hired Milwaukee architect C. A. Grombert to provide plans for a grandiose home. Grombert was no stranger to the town; he was the brother-in-law of Kalamazoo's Otto Ihling. 
One of the first residents of the Henderson Park Addition, Carl W. Ihling, president of the Ihling-Cone Furniture Company. Mr. Ihling and his wife purchased a lot on the corner of Monroe St. and Grand Ave. and built this home in 1905. Ihing was a member of an important local family and the son of Reinhold Ihling of the Ihling and Everard Company. 
The owner with whom this distinctive home is associated was Willis J. Burdick, secretary of Fidelity Building and Loan company He and his wife, Florence, purchased this house in 1914, moving from their Academy St residence. It remained in the Burdick family until 1958 when Dr. and Mrs. Lester Start purchased it. Dr. Start was a professor at Kalamazoo College.
The house was maintained by its three owners in it's original condition. Of special interest inside are the arches, stained glass tulip window, and paneling in several of the rooms.
In Fall 2015, Francois L. Moyet, purchased the home from Mrs. Clarice Start, becoming the 4th owner. The Start Guest House makes a welcome addition to the Henderson Castle property.

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